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    Why Us

    Why visit the Castle Suite?

    From here, you can see everything that the great poets mention
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      Dante's Purgatory

      ''The most impracticable and difficult road between Lerici and Turbia is a wide and simple staircase compared to that of Purgatory.''

    • 02

      Quintus Ennius

      ''The port of the moon is extraordinary, you should see it, my dear friends.''

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      In honor of Paolo Mantegazza

      ''Blessed are you, poet of science, who rest in peace in the Gulf of Poets!''


    The Suite of Dreams

    Full of history, the tower that takes you back to Italian origins


    The Bedroom

    Sleeping within the castle walls makes you feel safe!

    The Bedroom


    The Living Room

    A unique living space, where modernity meets the history of ancient walls

    The Living Room


    The Kitchen

    To dine in history

    The Kitchen


    The Terrace Over the Sea

    The terrace over the water, in the sky

    The Terrace Over the Sea


    The Evening Sunsets

    A breathtaking sunset that evokes emotions almost lost

    The Evening Sunsets